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Our mission

We expand your Business by creating a unique Brand users conversation

Concept Corp interdisciplinary team of experienced consultants and creative talents work with our clients in an interactive process solving complex problems by using proven tools, know-how and audacity. The user focused, data-driven method creates a unified experience from strategic axes to its application in design, digital, media and operations. The unified brand experience leads to a consistent, impactful, and valuable relationship with the user.


C2 is a proactive hub of experts in the following domains:

>Market intelligence
>Brand strategy + Design
>Marketing + Financial + Legal studies

>Web + Media + Digital experience


Market Intelligence

Effective market intelligence is built on accurate data and critical analysis of information using proven tools, methods and experience. Preliminary surveys, strategic research and monitoring competitors operations leads to insightful data from diverse sources and allows us to suggest the most relevant strategy.

Brand Strategy + Design

Efficient marketing support for a brand combines users expectations with identified core values expressed in the “B to C Conversation”. Telling The Brand story is the perfect way to engage all stakeholders in a clear and simple way. C2 strategists, designers and creatives work together to innovate and ensure coherence between strategy and design.

Marketing + Financial + Legal studies

Marketing, Financial and Legal studies are executed by experts from each discipline animated by a common teamwork spirit. Each Market research, Financial report, Legal analysis and feasibility study is built from certified data, which has been carefully monitored by our Market Intelligence consultants. The flexibility of our structure is its strength. It responds accurately and competitively to complex issues.


The Branding Revolution

The Branding Revolution is an integral part of the innovation culture, contributing to the renewal of style and language in Design, Creation, Web and Digital Experience. In keeping with the demands and values of the new economy even when working to strict Sustainable Development Goals.

Design and Digital

C2 Design and Digital teams provide a comprehensive offer and expertise from Identity, Brand Guidelines creation, Web Design to Media and Digital Activism. We have a proven track record in creation, design, media, community management, brand content and digital strategy.


Project Structuring + Fundraising

The Construction phase starts with the project structure preceding its implementation with investments, funding, building and operating. Accurate Marketing, Financial and Legal studies lead to a solid project structure that is a fundamental condition of a successful implementation.

C2 structure finance and fundraising experts target the most suitable roundtables, creating adapted tools and ensuring dialogue.


Web + Media + Digital campaigns

C2 Branding Revolution is driven by relevant strategies, strong creative and mastery in technology, data, and efficient planning necessary to deliver operational excellence. C2 Digital and Media team combine these capabilities into a unique solution, creating impactful brand exposure that foster meaningful relationships with users.

C2 Digital and Media teams provide a complete range of services conceiving and operating powerful digital and media campaigns, community management and viral expansion, optimizing interactive advertizing investments to consolidate advanced Brand and Concept e-visibility.

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